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Call us at 949.888.7837 with any questions

Welcome To Wearable Imaging, Inc.
We Are Your One Stop Source For Getting YOU Noticed!
What You Can Expect:

We will start by determining your exact needs, finding out what setting the product will be given out in and who your target market is. We will then use our expertise to suggest various items specific for your event. We initially provide photos and detailed information of the product then go a step further to create a virtual sample with your logo so that you can get a clear picture of what the final product will look like. We have thousands of items to choose from!

Our Wearable Imaging motto: IF WE DON’T HAVE IT, YOU DON’T NEED IT!

If you are looking for a totally custom one-of-a-kind item, we can create that masterpiece for you. If you can plan ahead, we will save you money by ordering overseas. Please give us a call for more information or simply click the SHOP NOW button to explore the endless possibilities. We look forward to connecting with you and working together!

  • Unbeatable customer service, we pay close attention to the small details!
  • Working with only the highest quality suppliers in the industry 
  • Saving you time and money on freight by selecting preferred vendors in proximity to your location
  • Competitive pricing with 24 years of expertise in the industry 
  • Designing creative strategies to increase your brand awareness
  • Virtual proofs of what your item will look like on your product
  • A detailed sales order confirmation with all details spelled out
  • Tracking your order to ensure on time delivery, or your order is FREE!
  • Follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied, we strive to make this a stress free and fun experience!

  1. DO I GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL EVERY TIME I PLACE A NEW ORDER?Absolutely. Wearable Imaging will send you a confirmation so you know your special order is on the way.
  2. CAN I ALWAYS COUNT ON MY DISTRIBUTOR TO GET MY PRODUCT TO ME ON TIME ESPECIALLY IN A RUSH SITUATION?Yes, we work with vendors who have 24-hour turnaround capabilities and we will select a shipping method to meet your deadline.
  3. DO THEY KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS OF PREVIOUS ORDER AND PANTONE COLORS SO THAT MY REORDERS COME OUT EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY FIRST ORDER?At Wearable Imaging, we keep all your order records to make life easy for you. We have your logo and colors ready to go unless of course, you want to change it. And we can do that, too!
  4. DO I RECEIVE A FREE VIRTUAL PROOF FOR EVERY ITEM I ORDER?Of course! You will receive a virtual proof each time you order which requires your approval before going into production.
  5. AM I EXCITED TO OPEN MY NEW ORDER OR DO I CRINGE HOPING THERE WERE NO MISTAKES?We work with top-notch vendors who are very thorough in quality control. You will be excited to open your order and see how amazing your items look!
  6. DOES MY DISTRIBUTOR SEND ME TRACKING AFTER MY ORDER SHIPS?We will send you the tracking number as soon as your order ships and follow up with you when it is delivered to ensure you are completely satisfied.
  7. DO ALL MY ORDERS GET SHIPPED IN A TIMELY MANNER ACCORDING TO THE IN HANDS DATE ON MY PO?Yes, as long as we receive prompt proof approval from you, your orders will get shipped on schedule.
  8. DOES MY DISTRIBUTOR GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO STOP ME FROM MAKING TIMELY EXPENSIVE MISTAKES?We are looking out for your best interest and will lend you our advice to ensure you are ordering efficiently.
  10. DOES MY DISTRIBUTOR OFFER 24 HOUR RUSH SERVICE?Yes, we do offer 24-hour rush service on specific products.
  11. DOES MY DISTRIBUTOR SEND ME A PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE AT NO CHARGE IF NEEDED?If you are worried about how your logo will look on an item, we will go ahead and have a pre-production sample sent to you at no charge.
  12. DOES MY DISTRIBUTOR HAVE A FULLY CAPABLE GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT?If you do not have vector artwork or need changes made to your logo, we’ve got you covered!
  13. DOES MY DISTRIBUTOR RETURN MY PHONE CALLS WITHIN THE SAME BUSINESS DAY?We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and will always get back to you within the same business day.


Wearable Imaging specializes in promotional products, advertising specialties and business gifts that can be imprinted with your company logo. In an ever-crowded marketplace, standing out requires quality, timing and a clear message. Promotional item programs provide an easy avenue for creating awareness and reinforcing important brand image. With over 24 years experience in Golf tournament tee prize gifts, trade show giveaways , seminar gifts and employee sales incentives we will surely find that right item for your event.

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