10 Known Facts About Promotional Products

  • Jun 25, 2021

We’ve all received some sort of swag gift – whether from a store, an event we’ve attended or from someone you do business with. Some of the promotional items we’ve held onto and use frequently. The ones that haven’t made much of an impression have either ended up in a drawer or given away or even end up in the trash. Here are some interesting facts about promotional products to consider that will hopefully get your attention and confirm the power in the use of promotional items:  

  1.   Health, safety, technology, and writing products were deemed most useful by consumers.
  2. 53% of people have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product was made in the USA.
  3. 42% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product was environmentally friendly.
  4. Brand recall is highest for apparel items, with 85% of people remembering the advertiser.
  5. Bags generate the most impressions of any other product with nearly 6,000 over the time the item is used.
  6. 72% of consumers believe that the quality of a promotional product is directly related to the reputation of the company.
  7. Promotional mugs are more effective than radio advertising with 57% of people recalling the advertiser on the mug, and only 28% able to recall the advertiser on T.V.
  8. 63% of people keep promotional hats because they are attractive.
  9. 59% of employees who receive a promotional product from their employer have a more favorable impression of their workplace afterwards.
  10. Nearly 100% of consumers say they are willing to go out of their way to receive a promotional product.

Now that you are equipped with the facts, why not let Wearable Imaging help you choose the right promotional product for your next marketing campaign? Give us a call at 949-888-7837 or email us at sales@wearableimaging.com to set up your 30-minute strategy session with our President, Robin Richter.


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