3 Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

  • Jan 9, 2021

Most of us know that social media is a vital component of building and growing a successful business. Unfortunately, many small businesses use their social media pages inconsistently and even unprofessionally. How your business appears online is critical to the success of your business and how people perceive your brand. Here are 3 simple tips that will help you manage your social media presence:

  1. Be Careful Posting on Hot Topics. 2020 has bombarded us with a plethora of controversial issues. While reacting to current events and showing support for causes you care about can certainly have positive impacts, be cautious about how you represent your company’s beliefs. Don’t be pressured into chiming in on every issue, especially those that do not relate to your industry or your company mission.
  2. Respond to Comments. A truly effective social media strategy engages followers and participates in discussion. Responding to comments will result in more traffic to your social media pages and will let your followers know you care about them. Always address negative comments and complaints with honesty and a willingness to resolve any issues.
  3. Acknowledge Mistakes. We all make mistakes, and the ability to acknowledge them demonstrates honesty and integrity in the culture and leadership of your business.

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