4 Marketing Ideas to Stay Connected to Clients In 2021

  • Feb 12, 2021

One question which should constantly be on every business owner’s mind is this: “How can I find more ways to successfully reach my clients?” This is especially important in today’s “zero contact” world, where companies rely almost entirely on internet channels to promote their brand. Here are 4 ways you can capture people’s attention online and get your message in front of a larger audience…  

  1. Post Video. Not surprisingly, video is one of the most efficient ways to convey a message to your followers. In fact, over 5 billion videos are viewed every day, on YouTube alone! Whatever platforms you use, posting videos is a sure trick to increasing your overall engagement! 
  2. Implement Live Chat or Chat Bots. When it comes to online shopping and services, you want to make it easy for your clients to get answers to their questions. Adding a live chat or a chat bot to your website gives customers easy access to the information they need – even outside normal business hours. It also gives you an opportunity to collect leads from website visitors who may not have contacted you otherwise.
  3. Engage with Your Current Client Base. It’s always a huge accomplishment to get your foot in the door with a new client. However, make sure not to neglect your current clients! Deliver the kinds of social media content they would like to see, and keep them updated on your latest products and services. Building lasting relationships with your clients will result in more business and referrals down the line!
  4. Use Marketing Tools to Automate. Don’t be afraid to automate some of your marketing activities. Delivering a successful marketing campaign (in addition to running a business) is a lot of work! There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to automate email campaigns, social media posting, and more. Just remember don’t over-automate - the personal touch is still key to building relationships.

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