4 Tips to Start Planning Your 2021 Strategy

  • Oct 23, 2020

Even though we still have 2 ½ months left in 2020, it’s time to planning your strategy for growth in 2021. While the pandemic still makes the future unpredictable, there are a few things that you can do right now to ensure that you have a strong plan for the coming year.

#1. Refocus Your Business. Now is a great time to go back to basics. Look at your client base and analyze what’s happened over the last year. Have you lost a certain segment of your client base? Have your clients’ needs changed? How are you reaching new clients? What are you doing to retain your current clients? Start brainstorming on how you can refocus your efforts to grow your business. A good example of how Wearable Imaging has been able to refocus is with the move from in-person events to virtual events. We’ve always provided promotional products and swag for trade shows and conferences, but with everything going virtual, we had to come up with a different option. Now, we provide our clients with customized swag boxes that we drop-ship to each participant’s home.

#2. Plan for the Unexpected. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need contingency plans for our businesses. We’re not out of the woods yet, so make sure that you have a Plan B (and C, D, and E) that will allow you to change direction and focus when you need to, instead of scrambling when something happens.

#3. Take Advantage of Technology. This year has proven to be the year of tech when it comes to business. Everything from video conferencing to ecommerce and digital marketing have taken center stage for businesses to connect with clients. Even as the country opens up, these will continue to be a mainstay in our daily lives. By embracing technology, you’ll be better positioned to interact with your clients, understand their needs and more easily pivot when necessary.

#4. Don’t Cut The Marketing Budget. When businesses need to cut on expenses, the first thought is usually to cut back on marketing and advertising. The reality is that marketing and advertising have become even more important as we’ve been forced to do more and more online. Businesses that rely on word of mouth and networking for the majority of their business are realizing that they have to take advantage of some of the online marketing tools available in order to just stay top of mind and connect with their clients.  This includes updating your website, connecting with clients through email marketing campaigns and social media and more.

Do you need help building your 2021 strategy? Call us at 949-888-7837 or email us at sales@wearableimaging.com to set up a complimentary strategy session with our President, Robin Richter.



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