My Business Lost Customers Due To COVID-19. Now What?

  • Mar 31, 2020

Many businesses are experiencing customer changes, cancellations and concerns amidst COVID-19 and the resulting government closures.

That leaves businesses – maybe even yours - scrambling for what to do.  Focus on repairing the losses? Look for where to stop the financial hemorrhaging?  Sort out how to best move forward to maintain or rebuild a strong customer base?


Through it all, one thing remains true:  the businesses that are able to attract and retain more clients during this time will come out ahead.  Far ahead.
We created a post that looks at how to stay connected even remotely.  Take a look at it here


Because at the end of this pandemic, business will pick up again.  And the businesses that continued to grow and nurture relationships with clients stand to recover better than the ones who abandoned their clients and thought only of what was happening to their business.


So even while we have seen the business landscape change virtually overnight, the demands and requirements that existed before COVID-19 remain foundationally consistent:

·         Provide unforgettable client service. 

·         Meet and exceed client needs. 

·         Anticipate how to serve the client now and for the future. 

·         Become even more memorable.

These core business fundamentals don’t shift.  They remain constant during economic upturns, economic downturns and even pandemics.

Because even people in business want to know they matter.  (And clients are people too.)

Show them they matter.

Be more client-centric and team appreciative.  Reach out to your clients to see how they are doing.  Tell your team thanks more often ... with specifics on what they're doing right (it is a good practice and they'll pass the good feeling on to your clients!)  And show them in every way possible that you value them and the relationship.

Become a relationship over-achiever.

Sure, send them promotional products.  Keep your name front and center in their every day.  Let them grab for something that has your logo on it so you are present as they work from home or look for work.  (Yes, even if they cancelled a contract or rescinded an order.)

But don’t stop there.

Get to know them as people.  Understand their taste and their needs.  Let them know you’re thinking of them.  Ask them how they’re doing and make time to really listen.

The two together – product and phone call – are a winning combination.

Business will have a post-pandemic era.  And you want to make sure the relationships you are building have staying power past what is happening right in this moment. 

Because in the end, it is through our relationships that we will last long after COVID-19 ends.

As you move forward during the upcoming weeks and months, build more relationships worth remembering.

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