Send Customized Swag Boxes to Clients this Holiday Season

  • Oct 16, 2020

Our clients are the backbone to our business success, and it is very important that we let them know how much we appreciate them – especially after all the challenges we have all faced this year. This holiday season, why not show how much you care with a customized swag box?

Swag boxes are always a great gift. What’s unique about custom swag boxes that we design your box from the ground up. You can choose a theme for the box, personalize the graphics for the box itself, and drop-ship the box directly to your clients’ door. Here are just a few themed ideas to help inspire you this holiday season:



 Kitchen/Cooking. Now that we are cooking at home more, why not build a themed box around it? In fact, we’ve helped clients put together a beautiful box just like the photo with some basic kitchen essentials that they will send to all their clients as a “thank you”. 





Personal Protection. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, so sending your clients a custom personal protection box is very apropos. PPE kits that include washable face masks, hand sanitizer, a touch tool to open doors/push buttons, or even our 2-in-1 sanitizer pen.


Happy Hour. Even if you haven’t been to a virtual happy hour online this year, a personalized box with a wine or beer theme is always a fun gift to give to your clients. A branded bottle of wine, a pair of glasses and a beautiful wine opener/bottle stopper set will give them a nice way to ring in the new year.





Spa Theme. The holidays are a time to pamper yourself, so send your clients a personalized swag box with self-care items: bath salts, essential oils, scented candles, washcloth, etc. You could even include a custom gift card for a massage or manicure/pedicure.



 Home Office. Many of us are working from home now, so sending your clients a care package designed around the office would be a great touch. Include tech items, notepads, pens, coffee mugs, or other things that they will use daily. We’ve created several boxes that are home office friendly and at the same time promotes the client’s brand.




As you can see, there are so many ways that you can customize a swag box for your clients (and employees) for the holidays. We can help you create something exciting that uniquely represents you and your company. Give us a call at 949-888-7837 and let’s strategize!


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