The Top 6 Tech Gifts to Inspire Your Clients

  • Nov 6, 2020

This year has truly been the year to embrace technology. As we continue to do a majority of business online, it seems appropriate to thank our clients this holiday season with gifts that make life easier – with a little fun thrown in. Here are our top picks for tech gifts for your clients:

Earbuds/Headphones. Whether we’re streaming videos, podcasts or attending virtual events via Zoom, earphones and earbuds are key to our listening pleasure. True sound quality is important. We’ve tested many and have found these Bluetooth earbuds to be our favorite. They come in a rechargeable power bank case that will charge the earbuds 3-4 times before needing to be plugged in.



If you prefer headphones, we recommend these Bluetooth headphones that come with a built-in microphone and FM radio.

They have the latest 4.2 which allows for fast and easy pairing with your smartphone. It also comes with a retractable headband for easy storage. The soft ear cushions are comfortable with pillow-like softness. These are very affordable, and the minimum is as low as 10!


UV Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging Pad. As we rely more and more on our electronic gadgets, we realize how quickly the batteries drain. There is nothing more frustrating than running low on batteries when we need them the most, so why not give your clients the gift of (battery) life with a customized charger or power bank and UV Phone Sanitizer.

Our cellphones are a big part of our lives, so being able to keep these charged is extremely important. We highly recommend the UV Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging Pad for two reasons. First, because it does a great job of charging your phone, and, second, because it can also sanitize up to 99% of microorganisms tested on anything that you put in its roomy compartment (phone, keys, credit cards, etc.). A good thing to have as we continue to battle the pandemic!


Other options for power banks include the Leatherette Slim Power Bank, or the Opus Wireless Charger & Power Bank that allows you to just place your device on top of the charging pad.






Laptop Backpacks. We are all constantly on the go and a backpack for your laptop and other essentials is a great gift. Make sure you get the details right, though. Choose one that offers anti-theft security as well as padded protection for your most trusted device. One of our favorites is this Fort Knox - Anti-Theft Design Laptop Backpack, which also features a built-in USB charging port.


Fitness Tracker. For your avid health and fitness clients, why not give them a gift that will keep them on track with their health goals into the next year? Fitness trackers such as this Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker will help them chart their exercise, sleeping patterns and more.






 Need more inspiration for holiday gift ideas for your tech-loving clients? Give Wearable Imaging a call at 949-888-7837 or email us at Our President, Robin Richter, would love to help you find the perfect gift for your clients this holiday season!





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