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  • May 8, 2020

Everyone – your clients, your team, your business partners and likely even you – are focused on when COVID-19 will end and what to do in the meantime to stay safe during the pandemic.  Because no matter which business you are, safety has become critical and a key focus of clients and employees alike.

Even though parts of the world are starting to open up and people are slowly starting to go back to work, many questions remain.

Will social distancing become the gold standard for interaction?  Will face masks be the new normal?  When will there be a full return to offices, warehouses and business buildings?

While much is uncertain, there are a few things we can count on.

Concerns for touching public surfaces will continue to bring a concern of getting germs.  Face masks will be worn for the foreseeable future.  Hand sanitizer is here to stay.  And more promotional products aimed at personal protective equipment needs will be offered (we've added a tab on our home page for these trending products - so check back to see what gets added!).

We can shake our head at this current reality or move forward in a way that honors the protections we all seek while maintaining an openness to where the opportunities lie.  From the business owners we have spoken with, being open to opportunity is just business smart.

Here at Wearable Imaging, we’ve been on a mission to find the products that address that COVID-19 safety concerns are the new reality for every business.  And we have been meeting with manufacturers, speaking with distribution houses and working with product purveyors to find personal protective equipment and products that give you an opportunity to grow your business and build your brand while communicating your awareness of the need for safety.

But rather than just have an awareness that safety products are needed (and many are a hot commodity given that they are so hard to get), we have been looking for personal protective equipment (known as PPE) and products that address the need for more safety AND allow your business to be front and center. 

Because the pairing of the two – personal protective products/safety products and your business logo – are a smart business opportunity.

Here are our favorites:

TouchTool. All of us are either witnessing or experiencing real concerns over touching doors, buttons and other surfaces that may contain the virus. Our collective awareness of ways to reduce the transmission of germs is at an all-time high. Our newest and our most favorite product does just that. The TouchTool is designed to keep your hands from touching common, public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs. It opens doors, pushes buttons and so much more. Lightweight and keychain friendly, we’re sure this is one of those products that will be invaluable to everyone. You can find out more here.


 Protective Face & Gloves Pack. Many states now require face masks. This is true in public spaces and grocery stores. But face masks are also now required in many places even when walking or riding a bike. And who hasn’t already gone out at least once or twice and forgotten a face mask? Giving out this kit with your logo on it will be reached for by clients and team members alike again and again. So never let them be caught without protection! This kit includes a face mask, a pair of gloves and 2 antibacterial wipes, all in a protective polybag with your logo on it. Encourage them to throw it in the car or in a backpack or purse. You can order here.







 Hand Sanitizers. Most are aware that one of the most important things that we can do to help stop the spread and keep family and friends safe is to wash our hands frequently. But for many, that alone isn’t enough. And if you are out and about and can’t wash you hands, the next best thing is hand sanitizer. That’s why hand sanitizers are a truly coveted item. Giving them out with your logo on them builds a warm association with your business while making it top of mind. These 1-oz bottles of hand sanitizer are 75% alcohol-based, and are always a hit with employees and clients. Check out the details here





 Reusable Forehead Thermometer. As businesses start to reopen, most are going to take precautions to keep their employees and customers safe, and hopefully prevent the further spread of COVID-19. One way to do that is by monitoring their temperatures before they enter the premises. These Reusable Thermometers are the perfect solution! They are quick and easy to use – and meet FDA requirements.







Emergency Essentials. We are all operating under stressful conditions today, especially our first responders. These emergency essentials are gifts that will help them do their jobs better and give them peace of mind. They will also show that your business cares and is committed to a safer world. Find out more here.







100% Cotton Face Masks. Many states now require face masks. Even without the requirement, to stay safe, many of us are wearing face masks when we are out and about. The best face masks are the ones that are washable, and this 100% Cotton Face Mask fits the bill: 4-ply cotton mask, water resistant and offering maximum coverage.







These are just a few of the products that we have available to protect your employees and your clients. If you need suggestions or have questions, give us a call at 949.888.7837 or email me at to set up your complimentary strategy session – we’re happy to help!


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