Why You Should Welcome New Employees With a Swag Box

  • Jan 19, 2021

Is it time to hire new employees for your business? While the hiring process can be stressful, once you get those new employees in the door, it's time to make sure they feel at home in the workplace.

We know that you appreciate your new hires. But how do you show them that? How do you welcome new employees in a way that makes them feel like a part of the family instead of a cog in the wheel of a business machine?

We love using swag boxes full of awesome products to welcome new employees to the team. A company swag box makes a great introductory gift!

Not sure if they're right for you? We want to help. Keep reading to learn all about customizing a swag box for your new hires and why it's a great idea.

New Employees Feel Appreciated

Do you want to come off as a good and welcoming boss to your new employees right away? Show off your appreciation with a company swag box.

New hires often feel like they have to prove themselves in order to be an appreciated member of the team. They proved themselves by being hired, though, and it's important that they know that early on.

When you give your new employees a swag box right away, you let them know that they're valued by the company, enough so that the company is willing to spend money on them before they start showing their potential and hard work.

Showing appreciation to your employees builds their morale. This is one reason that some employers offer these swag boxes to employees that have already been in the company for a while.

Good morale results in greater productivity, a more comfortable work environment, and employees with longevity.

You Can Build a Team Atmosphere

It's important that your employees feel like a team. When they just feel like coworkers, they're not reaching their full potential.

Company swag boxes that include things like team apparel give your employees a way to connect even when you don't use a strict dress code. Their matching objects bind them.

But why does that team atmosphere matter?

Employees that function as a team are more likely to use good communication methods. Communication between employees is essential, especially when you're welcoming a new hire.

Employees learn to teach and help each other so everyone is able to reach their full potential in the workplace. A team atmosphere also encourages less bad behavior and workplace hostility.

Employees Learn Your Brand Image

Branding is everything for a successful business, but new employees might not be familiarized with the details of your brand.

When you give your new hires swag boxes, they learn everything right away. Are your brand colors blue and white? Give your employees shirts, coffee mugs, and more in those colors.

Does your brand logo or slogan matter a lot to your business? Feature it on some of your branded swag box items.

This helps your new employee to familiarize themself with the branding so they don't have to spend time studying it. When it's in front of them all the time, it gets locked into their head the natural way through exposure.

Swag Boxes Encourage a Feeling of Belonging

You want your new employee to feel like they belong in your workplace. You chose them for a reason, so they should feel like they fit in. One of the best ways to foster that sense of belonging is by using a swag box to welcome them.

Similar to the team idea, an employee feeling like an important part of the brand and company as a whole will boost their morale (and thus, their productivity).

Let your employee know how welcome they are.

They Show Off Your Brand to Others

Your employee will show off your brand to others without any effort on their part when you give them a swag box.

Every time someone sees them in your branded shirt, with your branded coffee mug, or with your branded headphones, it shows off your brand image to others.

This does several things. For one, it shows other potential hires that you're an employer who values new employees. You might find that you get some new talent in the door that you wouldn't have otherwise gotten.

It also puts your brand at the forefront of other people's minds. They may be curious about what you have to offer after they see the branding on your employee's things. This can get you potential leads with no extra effort on your part.

They Help Your New Employee Get Started

What kinds of things are you including in your swag box?

Consider including items that help your employee do their job. Employees often have to spend some of their own money on things that they need for work, especially if they work from home or have a lot of take-home work and research when the day is done.

Including things like pens, binders, mouse and keyboard pads, and other kinds of important office supplies gives your employees the tools that they need. This means they can start being productive right away and they'll never find themselves looking frantically for an item.

You're not only welcoming your employee, but you're also doing them a favor.

Welcome New Employees With a Company Swag Box Today

Cool company swag doesn't have to be for customers and leads only. You should be giving swag out to welcome new employees (and reward current employees).

Improve morale and that important sense of belonging. You'll see the difference in no time.

Are you ready to start putting together the perfect swag box? Start creating a swag box today with some of our favorite branded items. Check out our shop to get started!

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