Why Your Company Needs Wearable Imaging's Motion Sensor Atomizer

  • Jun 24, 2021

Picture this: you're leaving for work. You need to make sure you've got everything, so you go through your mental checklist:

  • keys
  • phone
  •  wallet
  • mask
  • hand sanitizer

Post-COVID, those last two bullets are the new normal.

Once you're in the office, you'll still need your mask and hand sanitizer. But, now that you're on the clock, efficiency is everything.

What's the best thing to have on your desk? Wearable Imaging's motion sensor atomizer for touchless self-sanitizing.

Read on to learn why this innovative product is essential to keeping businesses open and employees healthy!

Keep Business Running Smoothly

There's nothing that halts productivity more than sick workers. It's an inevitable fact of life that people will miss work without warning.

When employees get sick it affects workplace morale as well. Even before the pandemic struck, sickness in the workplace made employees wary of one another. No one wants the common cold, which means employees will avoid interaction to stay healthy.

The best solution for this problem is to take effective preventative measures.

With an automatic hand sanitizer on your desk, you have a quick and efficient way to prevent sickness within your business.

Why Automatic Hand Sanitizer Is the Way Forward

Let's face it: Technology makes the world go around. We're all familiar with small, on-the-go hand sanitizers that we keep with us for convenient use. But it's time for an upgrade.

Don't get rid of those squeeze bottles that you keep in your purses and cars. There are types of hand sanitizer for every circumstance; in communal spaces, motion sensor hand sanitizer just makes sense.

Like other forms of technology, it's quick, easy, and honestly, fun to use. Unlike other automatic sanitizers, the motion sensor atomizer sprays the sanitizer up in a mist so that it fully coats your hands.

This process makes proper application easier. Without proper application, using hand sanitizer isn't as effective. When you rub the sanitizer in for at least 30 seconds after using the motion sensor atomizer, it's already on most of your hands from the beginning.

Gift Your Clients Something They'll Actually Use: The Motion Sensor Atomizer

Swag bags for clients are all the rage these days. If you're a business looking to spice up your client relations with a swag bag, consider including the motion sensor atomizer in your next one!

The great thing about getting this product specifically from Wearable Imaging? You have the option to put your company's logo on the product.

So, with something like the motion sensor atomizer, you'd be gifting your client something they would use every day, it would benefit their health, and they'd see your name on a daily basis.

Is it shameless self-promotion? Maybe. But if it works, it works.

Start Making the Workplace Healthier Today!

What are you waiting for? The benefits of the motion sensor atomizer are endless.

Plus, buying sanitizer online saves you the hassle of going to the store and removes the health risk of shopping during the pandemic.

Using our product will have businesses working like well-oiled machines, keep people healthy, and help you to promote your own business in an effective way.

Contact us today and get one step closer to making the workplace healthier!

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