Creating the Ultimate Swag Box: The Best Products from Women Owned Businesses

  • Dec 22, 2020

The Best Products from Women Owned Businesses for a Swag Gift Box

Send your clients a meaningful swag gift box by featuring the best products from women owned businesses. We list our favorite products here!

Employee swag can be a great way to engage your employees at end of year parties and other virtual events this year. But you can also maximize your impact when you support women owned businesses when creating your swag boxes.

Your company doesn't have to miss out on the fun even though most company events will be virtual for the foreseeable future. Create special memories with your employees by incorporating memorable products into your swag bag or box.

Start With a Budget

Knowing your budget is the first step to creating special swag gifts for your employees. Work with your human resources department to determine your upper and lower limits before committing to anything. This will help keep you focused on realistic gifts and give you a base-line for research.

Think about how many employees you are buying for as well. If you have more than ten to buy for, standardized gifts can be the way to go. This is because you can often get group discounts when you purchase in bulk. For smaller groups, it is easier to buy more personal gifts specific to each employees' interests.

Lastly, consider the amount of gifts you would like to put into each swag bag or box. Try to keep it fair by spending about the same across the same number of gifts for each employee.

Delivery is Key

Next, you must consider how these gift bags or boxes will be delivered. Finding the right packaging is the first step. If you plan on shipping these swag bags, fitting them in a brightly-colored festive box can be a great option. If employees plan on picking up these swag bags in a predetermined location, a gift bag with a visible name tag may work best.

Whichever option you decide, try to incorporate company colors or your employee's favorite colors into the design. This will leave them feeling extra special, excited to open the gift bag, and delighted to discover the contents inside.

Personalized Gifts

Fill your swag bags with promotional products that feature your business logo or company colors. This can have the added benefit of return on investment for your business. If you give employees caps with your logo on them, they will likely rep them around town.

Add an extra-special touch and personalize gifts for virtual events, custom print face masks, or print employee names on stylus pens. Show your employees how important they are to you by personalizing gifts within the swag bag.

Personalized gifts can also be about knowing your employee's interests and choosing gifts that will speak to them. To ensure a memorable swag gift bag or box, think of each employee's favorite products and include them.

For example, if your employee is environmentally-conscious, go with a reusable bottle or eco-friendly lunch box. For the foodie, go with a new set of stirring spoons or the latest cookbook by their favorite chef.

Holiday Gifts

Your business can celebrate the holiday spirit with your swag gift box by incorporating holiday colors and scents. Candles are a great addition to every swag bag. Employees can use them to perfume their home around the holidays.

Each swag bag can include a card, personalized for each employee. Purchase holiday stationery to really pack a punch. Make sure to write to your employee about how thankful you are that they are on your team. Highlight any special achievements, both personal and work-related, that set this year apart for your teammate.

Be sure to consider that each employee may celebrate the holidays differently. Knowing which holidays your team members celebrate can help you choose a color scheme that is appropriate to their traditions.

Home Office Gifts

With most employees working from home these days, purchasing company-branded notebooks, pens, chargers, and Bluetooth speakers can be the thoughtful gift that helps employees feel a bit closer to their coworkers. During this remote working time, these home office products can also have the added benefit of helping employees be more productive.

You can also buy your employees a succulent or other houseplants to brighten up their workspace. Even a specially-curated bouquet or edible arrangement can bring joy to your team members' home office.

And don't forget our favorite new office companions: kids and pets! Swag geared toward kids and pets feels special and personal when it comes in your swag bag. These gifts have the added benefit of showing your employee how much you care not only about that but also about their family.

Wellness Gifts

Keeping your employees happy and healthy is a great way to connect with them via a swag bag. It is especially important now that working from home is the norm. Both physical and emotional well-being gifts can show your team that you care about their health.

Try face masks or hand lotions, for employees that want a home spa experience. Or, a logo outdoors jacket can be the best pick for team members that want to feel closer to the great outdoors.

Why Support Women Owned Businesses?

Make a difference by supporting women owned businesses when you put together your company swag bags or boxes. Women still make up only about 40% of business owners, but this number is rising. Help support women in achieving their goals by buying goods from their businesses.

Supporting women owned businesses is also good for the overall health of the economy. Keeping women in steady jobs and giving them opportunities to succeed in their career goals helps everyone reap the benefit of a healthy economy.

People are more engaged than ever with understanding where their products come from, how they are sourced, and whether they are ethically produced. As part of your swag bag, tell your employees the story behind the products, and the women who produced them.

Begin Designing Your Team's Swag Bags

No matter how you design your company's swag bags or boxes, supporting women owned businesses is a great way to give back and show your employees that their work is appreciated. For more information on how to make your next virtual company event a memorable event, check out the articles on our blog.

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